Why a Team

Before officially combining our practice, we worked together closely

for over two years as independent doulas, analyzing both what worked

well (and what didn't work so well) with the solo practice business model.

Doula work is highly relational and extremely rewarding. It is high-trust

work both with our clients and with our partners. A 24/7 on-call life style

and long births is also relentlessly demanding and unpredictable and not

surprisingly doulas have a high burn out rate. We love our work and we

want to be able to continuing doing it for years to come. We think you

deserve professional labor support from a doula that has the reserves

and energy, physically and emotionally, to support the demands of your

labor. We will provide the doula that is best able to do that without

compromising the connection you want or the energy you need and deserve.


With our mother-daughter team:

                - You will develop a close working relationship and warm connection with both of us.

                - You will have the benefit of the breadth of experience of two doulas, for consult throughout your pregnancy, labor and early                                        postpartum.

                - You will receive continuous labor support from the most energetically equipped doula. Meaning we will send the freshest doula and we                      will also seamlessly transition labor support, in the case of a very long birth, to ensure you are receiving the best support.


The team model offers a safe guard for you and supports sustainability for us. As a complementary and highly integrated, mother-daughter team of only two, we believe we can offer you better service than we did as independents, without sacrificing the ideal of choosing a doula which you feel is a good fit for you personally.


Questions about specifics?


We'd love to get  coffee together and tell you more about how we work. Use our

contact form to email us about scheduling a complimentary consultation to

get to know us both!

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 We believe wholeheartedly in the power of a transformative birthing experience to foster strong mamas and strong families. As a team we offer you the on-going support of our combined experience, and for your labor, you will have the benefit of the support of the most physically and emotionally prepared doula throughout your birthing experience, no matter the length.