Why I’m Choosing to Have a Home Birth

We are so thankful to our friend and client, Jenny, for sharing with us a few reasons why, after having their first child in the hospital, she has decided to birth her second baby in the comfort of her own home. Enjoy her thoughts and reflections below!

I spent my first pregnancy researching and intrigued by home birth and with hesitation decided mostly for financial reasons that a hospital birth would be the way to go. It was only $100 for all inclusive care for baby and mama! I was grateful for amazing insurance coverage and I figured even with my uncertainty for birth at the hospital that we could be prepared, educated and build a support network to help me navigate through. After all, the choice between home birth and hospital birth is a decision of which kind of risk you want (not a decision between risk and no risk).

Our goals last birth:

Step 1: Take every birthing class available through a third party community based center and not our hospital.

Step 2: Hire amazing Doulas that could help prepare us for what to expect at the hospital.

Step 3: Write a birth plan that would convey our wishes and create an atmosphere that brought our personalities into our birth space.

I ended up having a natural birth at the hospital with a great view from my private room, my Doulas there to guide me and give me support, I brought a blanket from home, insisted on skin time and delayed clamping…etc. I did all the things suggested to have a “home birth at the hospital”.

What I didn’t have in this special time and the months prior was peace of mind in preparing for just meeting my baby. I was so wrapped up in making sure my rights were known and “fighting” hospital norms (and how to do that peacefully) that I lost the connection of the excitement in meeting my baby in her journey. I experienced push back from hospital staff for my preferences and a few rolled eyes and sighs from nurses coming and going throughout my stay.

I’m pregnant again and this time we are choosing to birth at home. A home birth is more than the right choice for me and my family, and here’s why…

1. I believe God designed the female body and all babies to safely give birth.

Yes, there are extenuating circumstances in a very small amount of births but if you are a good candidate for home birth any risk is not overlooked lightly.

2. I don’t want to be pressured by hospital staff.

Sure, it’s all about liability, I get it. But, I don't care to have any of those conversations while I’m in labor and focusing my attention and mindset on all things non-confrontational.

3. The only new person and personality I want to meet at my birth is my baby.

I already have a normal amount of social anxiety, add on being half naked and bringing a baby earth side?! It just adds (even small) extra stresses. At my first birth I still found myself cognizant of being courteous to new staff members I was meeting and concerned that I was making a “good” impression.

4. I want to bond and recover in absolute comfort.

My home is my haven, being intimate, quiet and cozy with my partner and babies? I can just melt into my pillow right now thinking on all the LOVE! I want to sit in AWE of the miracle we have experienced/witnessed together and be uninterrupted by beeping, prodding and lectures from people I don’t know.

Yes, there will be concerned naysayers. But, when hasn’t there been unwanted opinions? When I hear negative comments it’s usually from someone who has legitimate concerns but hasn’t done the research my partner and I have and may not know just what my body and baby are capable of! If they are willing, it’s also a great way to talk about the history of babies being born into this world and the majesty of it all!

There are many other reasons (your chances of getting a c-section are reduced, lower risk of infection..) we are in joyful anticipation for home birth and things I have yet to know until birth & baby # 2 reveal them. I can’t wait and I have no doubt or any guards up like I did last time. I am in full alignment with my choices this time around for my baby and I and we are thriving!

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