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Waiting on Baby

March 1, 2019

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Kersti and Shepherd's Birth Story

March 16, 2019

After undergoing fertility treatments to get pregnant with Violet, we were overjoyed to conceive this baby naturally in just half the time! What a blessing this pregnancy was from the very start. My pregnancy was not without some very real challenges, but this baby was longed for and man were we grateful. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby this time and affectionally referred to the little one as “Squish.” It turned out to be a pretty fitting nickname :)


My birth story really starts about a week before my “due date.” Every evening for 2 weeks, I had contractions that would get as close as 2 minutes apart, lasting for 60 seconds, for 4-5 hours. They were crampy and not intense, but felt like the beginning of labor and always made me feel hopeful that our baby might join us that night! Then I would eventually decide to go to bed and get some rest... and they would stop completely as soon as I laid down. I knew that the baby would come in its own perfect time, but I was riding the rollercoaster and hoping that every night would be “it” - and it was emotionally tiring. We had a lot of fun those last couple of weeks as we waited. A special due date day and other fun activities each day that made me happy and helped pass the time with positivity.  I was still surprised when I passed 41 weeks, as that was when Violet was born and I just didn’t expect this second baby to make us wait longer! 


41+2 weeks was a Friday and Steve had the day off. We told Squish it was a great day to be born and went on to have a fun family day. We ended the evening getting happy hour nachos at Pedro’s (my favorite 😍) in downtown Los Gatos. On the way home I lamented to my mom and Steve, “well, looks like we’re not going to have a March 1st baby.” Laughing, Mom replied that she wasn’t counting me out until 10pm! (This picture -->

was taken right when we got home, less than 6 hours before Squish would be born!)


After having spent the last couple of weeks bouncing on the birth ball to encourage those evening contractions, I decided on the opposite approach this night. Clearly me bouncing was not putting me into labor! “Well screw it,” I thought, and decided to rest and take it easy instead. The baby would come when the baby was ready and I tried to lean into that. I took a nice bath and went to bed at 8:30pm because 41+ weeks pregnant ;) 


Around 9:45ish I woke up in bed and was pleasantly surprised to notice that I had had a couple