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Waiting on Baby

March 1, 2019

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Hosting a Mother Blessing

February 16, 2019

Have you heard of or attended a Mother Blessing or Blessingway ceremony? Kersti and I have had the honor of attending, and more recently of hosting, a Mother Blessing. These gatherings are loosely based on the Native American tradition of women gathering to bless the mother as she embarks on the journey of motherhood. There are numerous ways to personalize and customize a Mother Blessing to suit your faith tradition and the mother you are honoring. A quick Google or Pinterest search will turn up lots of ideas. If you like the idea of gathering trusted female friends to gift the expectant mother with gifts of the heart, this might be a tradition that you would enjoy.​​


Kersti is expecting her second child. I wanted to do something meaningful and special for her, so I hosted a Mother Blessing. I chose some themes and some symbolic ways to bless our guests and our mother-to-be. I’ll share more about this below; however, the most important choice was the guest list, because the women who give their time, their hearts, and their blessings will bring the spirit of the ceremony. It’s important that the guests are women that the expectant mother chooses to be her inner circle – not necessarily the women who think they “should be there.” Who are the women she trusts implicitly, who she feels fully support her (and her birthing/mothering choices), women who she respects and whose blessing she wants and values? These are your honored guests. Size of the group is not important. You could do this with two trusted friends.