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Waiting on Baby

March 1, 2019

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Frances' Birth Story

September 2, 2017


Our lovely client, Frances, agreed to share the story of her birth with us. Frances and her husband, Jon, were so wonderful to support! They chose to be educated and informed throughout the whole process and Frances was really committed to preparing her body physically for birth. She birthed their sweet son with strength and courage, staying calm, focused, and flexible as her birth took routes she hadn't anticipated! Enjoy their beautiful story below:


Kai’s Birth Story

I knew I wanted to be a mom and start a family after meeting my husband. We met in the dorms as freshmen at UC Davis and I immediately developed a huge crush on him. Although we never dated in college, we remained friends. We reconnected after I had moved back home to Los Angeles while he was still in Davis, working toward a rigorous dual Masters and PhD program in Electrical and Computer Engineering. We got married after dating for three years and while we both knew we wanted to start a family, but we decided to wait until Jon was closer to finishing his program.

Once we decided to try for a baby I switched from years of being afraid that I would accidentally get pregnant to being afraid that I couldn’t get pregnant. Luckily, we got pregnant immediately. Jon and I are both committed to living a healthy lifestyle, from eating well to getting plenty of exercise and spending time in the outdoors. I approached my pregnancy with the same mindset; however, the first trimester threw me for a loop. I developed very specific food aversions (i.e. apple pie, or any kind of pie) and cravings (lemonade, citrus, greasy food, and more lemonade please). I felt fatigue like nothing I have ever known. I slept in my car on my lunch breaks at work and had absolutely no energy to exercise. Once I got to the second trimester, I was able to do a lot more.

I read Ina May’s Guide to C