Why I am a Doula - Wendy

The story of how I became a doula is a fun one because although the common threads of education/learning, mentoring, and care-giving are woven throughout the various work phases of my life, I could have never foreseen the journey that brought me to becoming a birth doula. During a doula consultation, people often ask about my work history and I enjoy telling the story because I think it is itself a hopeful story of a happy, successful person who has simply kept her eyes open, worked hard, took chances, and listened to her heart. I could not have charted my own path if I had wanted to. I couldn't have seen it. And isn't that just like birth? And here I am, in my act three, still getting to do all the things I love most: connecting to people with heart and hands, helping facilitate healing, and mentoring women. I am blessed to be doing what I love and my doula clients say it really shows. And now, having the opportunity to do the work I love in a doula partnership with my own amazing daughter? All I can say is, I never anticipated I would enjoy a work experience that is so deeply gratifying​ an experience on every level. And I believe the joy and trust in our mother-daughter relationship brings a really lovely, full-circle energy (not to mention a healthy dose of oxytocin) to the births we support. It’s a pretty cool, intangible benefit to having us as your doula.

For me, being a doula really aligns beautifully with my personal mission and values. My personal life mission statement is: Find truth, learn love, nurture goodness- and being a doula allows me the tremendous blessing of working within the context of my mission. I guess I’d say my strongest values have always been connected through faith, to relationships. So supporting personal development and healthy relationships is a reoccurring theme in the arc of my story... and it's really at the heart of why I love being a doula. I’ve been married for over 30 years to my first love and am deeply devoted to my partner and our family. My husband and I realize that our unity is at the core and we have worked hard to take care of each other and create a safe, loving family life. In addition to my own grown daughter and son, I am blessed to have a wonderful adopted son, a sweet son in law and a beautiful granddaughter. I love being a mama. I am a mama through and through and supporting women as they are bringing their babies to their arms is one of the greatest honors of my life. I wholeheartedly believe in the value of building strong families. I think strong families make for secure children and strong communities. I became a doula because I believe that through confident childbirth women are transformed, families are stronger, and the world is a better place. This is not an exaggeration or rhetoric – I truly believe it, have witnessed it again and again and have experienced it personally. I want to guide and inspire women to connect deeply to their body and spirit, to ask for what they want, and to trust themselves. I want to help make the world a better place.

Doula work is powerful and romantic for sure. I've got to say, though, being a birth doula is really hard work. I mean REALLY. In many ways, it's like being a mother. I have experienced overwhelming mind-body exhaustion and fatigue I had seldom felt before. And being on-call all the time is a life-style sacrifice that puts a huge cramp in my style. But when you know you are in the pocket you are supposed to be in, it's all worth it. I freely admit that I am an "awe junkie" and in my experience there is nothing more awesome than birth. I get to watch women come alongside God as co-creators and vessels of life. I get to witness first breath, first touch, first kiss. I get to be awed by the tremendous power of love. Being invited into such sacred, intimate space and supporting women (and their partners) through what will likely be the most life changing single event of their lives is an incredible honor. I am a better person because of this work and the amazing families I am blessed to support. Being a doula allows me to do all the stuff I love most, have all the feels, make an impact and be impacted. I don't think it gets any better than that.

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