Life Lessons from Birth

I have no idea how many hundreds of times I have remarked in conversation with friends or family, “that’s just like labor.” Perhaps it’s because I’m a doula and I see literal and figurative “birth” everywhere I look, or perhaps it’s because many of the experiences in the labor and delivery of a baby human do, in fact, have overarching lessons for all of life. In many ways, your birthing experience is like a microcosm of life… a little miniature, encapsulation of the fears, joys, challenges and triumphs that define life. As such it has much to teach you. In fact, I think it is intended to teach you.

That there are so many important life lessons naturally embedded in the birthing process, does not seem accidental. The process of bringing another soul and life into the world is rife with key opportunities to grow in ways that prepare you for the immense responsibility of being someone’s parent. It reminds me of the book about learning everything you needed to know about life in kindergarten, except maybe you learn everything you need to know about parenting in the birthing room. And although you and your partner probably learn the most, witnessing birth on a regular basis reinforces some pretty significant lessons in a way that might sometimes be clouded by the extreme emotions of your personal experience.

Follow us on the blog as we introduce a series of Life Lessons from Birth. Pause long enough to notice the simple, but profound truths that are inscribed upon the birth experience. Birth has plenty to teach us all.

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