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For several years, Wendy and I both worked as solo doulas, taking our own independent clients and backing each other up, as necessary. While this is the more traditional doula model in the South Bay, we quickly realized that it is just not very sustainable. Between supporting clients 24/7, managing the lifestyle limitations of constant on-call status for months/years, going straight from one birth to another, and staying up for days without sleeping or eating properly, it's not a huge shock that the burnout rate among doulas is very high! While not impossible, it is incredibly challenging to sustain a career as a full-time, professional, independently operating doula. Additionally, we noticed how hard it is to call in a backup doula for our clients when that backup is someone they don't have a relationship with. We recognize the value of a trusted relationship during birth and we want that for our clients at all times - and so, 99% of the time, we stayed with clients even when, if we're totally honest, we were completely exhausted. Even when, maybe, we were not truly the best doula for them in that moment.

Wendy and I always talked about going into business together and figuring out how to create a partnership, but it took us a couple of years to come up with what, we believe, is a really exciting model. Working as team, we are really excited to be able to offer our doula clients labor support from a doula with plenty of physical and emotional energy (sometimes hard to do when there is just one exhausted doula), while still maintaining the relational aspect of choosing a doula with whom you feel a good connection (sometimes hard to do when you work with a doula collective or agency). We also think it's especially cool to bring our great mother-daughter vibe to all things birth and family. It's kind of an intangible bonus that we think brings a valuable energy to our clients. So far, our clients have all agreed with the many positive aspects of this new model -- and we are really looking forward to watching our partnership grow!

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