Your placenta is an amazing organ that supported your baby for the nine or so months before birth. It has done an amazing job of nourishing and supporting your growing baby in the womb, and yet it is often regarded as nothing more than "medical waste" after it is born. In many other cultures, the placenta is honored in a variety of ways and considered medically beneficial to both the mother and the child. Just as it protected, nourished, and sustained your baby, the placenta, when carefully prepared for consumption, continues its job by:


• Supporting lactation and increasing production of breast milk 

• Facilitating an easier postpartum recovery

• Increasing maternal energy

• Decreasing likelihood of baby blues and postpartum depression

• Easing life transitions

• Decreasing likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders


Your placenta will be prepared with the utmost care, the highest standards

of safety, and encapsulated into "00" sized vegetarian capsules. Each placenta is different and will typically make between 80-200 capsules. Your capsules will be delivered to you in a glass jar, labeled with instructions, within 24-72 hours of receipt of your placenta. 

 My workspace and equipment is reliably sanitized according to OSHA standards before and after each client.

placenta encapsulation postpartum

Basic Placenta Encapsulation

I will pick up your placenta at your home or hospital after your birth*. After 24-72 hours I will return your encapsulated placenta to you in a specially packaged glass jar, with a cord keepsake (whenever possible). Placenta prints are available upon request, at no additional fee.

Total fee: $350 ($300 for our birth clients)

placenta capsules vitamins keepsake

Additional Products

• Placenta and cord blood tincture - $40

High grade alcohol is used to preserve the protein and hormonal elements of the placenta in a liquid form that will last many years.

• Custom designed placenta salve - $40
Organic Shea butter, beeswax, and natural essential oils are combined with dehydrated placenta to create a wonderful personalized skin healing salve.


*If your home or hospital is outside of my service range of 15 miles, a $25 fee per pick up and drop off will be included. You are welcome to drop off/pick up your placenta at my home to avoid this cost.

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.  The placenta services of Kersti Smith are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition.  If you are choosing to use placenta services, you take full responsibility for your health and research regarding the benefits of placentophagy.