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A trained massage therapist, Wendy has a special heart for working with women and is amazed by female cycles, seasons and intuition - and disappointed by how the noise of the modern world tends to drown out the internal voice - and what our bodies and spirits know. She will encourage you to hear your own voice, connect to your body and heart, seek healing, practice mindfulness and faith and be strong enough to get the support you need along the way. (See Wendy for Myofascial Release, individual assessment, and massage to support your pregnancy comfort and make optimal space for your baby and birth.)

Wendy’s personal life mission statement is: Find truth, learn love, nurture goodness. She believes her work as a doula is a beautiful expression of her life’s mission and an amazing synergy of her personal gifts.

Wendy believes that each birth is unique and that we are all (mamas and babies) “fearfully and wonderfully made.” She will honor your voice, support you in your vision, provide you and your partner with information and guidance, comfort you emotionally and physically during your labor, and give all she has to help you have a birth experience that is genuinely empowering.

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After completing three years of nursing prerequisites, Kersti followed her heart to a doula training. She knew immediately that she was where she needed to be. She changed course and launched a full time, professional doula business right away, becoming actively involved in the local birth community, continuing her education with advanced doula trainings and workshops, supporting home and hospital births (including many repeat clients), and mentoring other doulas- including her own mother.

Kersti believes that nature is a wise teacher and appreciates a natural, practical and well-reasoned approach to health, wellness, birth, and life. (See Kersti to learn more about the benefits of your placenta and about how to use essential oils for your home and family.) After her own journey with infertility, she is also deeply grateful for the invaluable benefits of medical advances and procedures when they are necessary. Kersti’s personal experience of giving birth without fear and without the need for any medical interventions informs her compassion and her extensive experience informs her trust and flexibility. (Click here to read her birth story.)

Kersti brings a calm, contagious confidence in the natural process of birth. She is eager to answer your questions, provide you with evidence based resources, and always support your vision and the choices that are right for you. Her steady, reliable presence, encouraging support, and loving hands will comfort and guide you toward achieving a positive, satisfying birth experience that you can carry with you forever.

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