Wendy and Kersti are a *stellar* doula team. Compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, organized, and reliable. Each of these two ladies embodies everything you'd want and need from a doula, but you get BOTH of them in this mother/daughter duo! You can tell these two both love what they do and the women and families they work with. Birth work is their passion and it shows. When you hire these two you get so much more than someone to support you during the birth of your child...they support you emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period. And if you're like me, you won't even know you needed such comprehensive support. But women who are building, birthing, and bonding with their babies need and deserve this level of womanly attention and aid.


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Working with the mother/daughter doula team was a great experience! They served as both my pregnancy coaches, and my birth coaches! Every time I met with them, I learned so much about my own body, the process of birth, and how to prepare for it well. We also shared our faith as Christians, which allowed us to discuss the spiritual aspect of pregnancy and birth, and together express awe for this miracle of new life! I was able to deliver naturally, with little drug intervention, just as I had hoped. And there is no way I could have done that without the provided coaching from Kersti and Wendy. I am so grateful to them both for helping create THE MOST AWESOME EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE - GIVING BIRTH! My wish is that every expecting mother has a doula, and hopefully one that is as wonderful as Kersti and Wendy.




Kersti had the recent experience of having given birth "without fear" herself and Wendy had this amazing mix of strength and confidence in her tone alongside a spirit of gentleness. They answered all of our questions with evidence-based research that consistently put my mind at ease. They also gave me a lot of natural methods to prepare both my mind and my body for birth. I can confidently say that my birth was beautiful -- something I felt like I would never be able to say and something I contribute HUGELY to this team of incredible women. I am positive the reason I progressed so quickly and smoothly was because I felt relaxed, supported, confident and READY to deliver my baby. After feeling nothing but panic, dread and fear with my first birth, this was life-changing for me. I felt IN CONTROL and SUPPORTED my entire labor and knew I was capable of delivering my baby boy--who ended up being 9 lbs and 3 oz! 


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Everything from her massages to her gentle encouragement was exactly what we needed. Having her there gave my husband the freedom to pretty much be in my face the whole time which was exactly where I needed him!  It's thanks to Kersti, Wendy and my husband that I left the hospital satisfied with the experience of bringing our son into this world. Kersti and Wendy's presence through my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum was so comforting to me and am hoping they'll be there for me next time.

As first-time parents we can say 1) definitely hire a doula and 2) the doula should be Kersti and Wendy. Doulas are child birth experts. While we felt overwhelmed by a mountain of advice and opinions, Kersti and Wendy helped us focus on the most important parts. Kersti and Wendy, are among the most caring people we have ever met.  They immediately established world-class empathy. Knowing that you have these wonderful people in your corner is one of the best investments we've ever made.



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Besides being an incredible source of information to equip us for every aspect of birth preparation, labor, and postpartum, I was impressed how detailed they were in their care for us. Wendy and Kersti were nothing but encouraging and helped me focus on the few things I was able to do to help me prepare this time.  I thank Wendy and Kersti for empowering me to make my own decisions based on evidence and not just going along with routine care recommendations. I was surprised how quickly and smoothly I labored and delivered this time in spite of the induction. I was still able to give birth without medication which was what we wanted.  I could not be happier that we chose to hire Wendy and Kersti for this birth.